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12th Jan, 2008

So, I haven't posted in a while but I decided to go ahead and get it done today.
Several things are going on right now. Soon, Finals will start. I've recently become an aunt again, thanks to my big brother Josh and his wife, Claudia, and the best news of all--
I Have a new girlfriend!
Her name is Cassandra, though she normally goes by a variety of nicknames. We've had crushes on each other for almost two years now, but neither did anything about it since we were with other people. Well, that's all changed!
Maybe it's just two years of pent up frustration, but I really do love her. I think she's the best thing that's ever happened to me, really. She...inspires me to be a better person. I have a sudden urge to loose weight, to start days off right, to make sure and brush my teeth at least twice a day, shower everyday instead of once every other day.
Plus she always finds ways to make me feel special. Always.
But I think the best thing she ever said, that just made me feel like a million bucks was, "I'd never want to go through the pain of pregnancy, unless of course I did that weird female-only conception thing."*
She was referring to this recent study that basically means that certain parts of bone marrow can be turned into primitive sperm cells. Well, of course scientists are trying to figure out if this can mean that pregnancy can occur without a man.
So, being curious and needing a slight ego-boost, I asked her who's bone marrow-sperm would she take.
"Your's of course. We'd have awesome kids, with you and your Producer-Director mind and my costume designer and make-up artist mind?"*
And then later on the conversation, I heard her say... "Plus you're really smart."*
Plus you're really smart
I've never heard those words outside of my parents and family, but they're supposed to say it you know? It's never really meant anything until those words came out of her mouth. Plus the fact that she'd only go through the pains of pregnancy if it was my DNA as the fathers? I don't think anything has ever made me smile more.
Everyday I talk to her I feel a little more like she's just perfect for me.
I think this relationship will go far. I hope it does. She liberates me, makes me feel like I can do anything. And she's drop dead gorgeous to top it all off.
Gah, I love you, babe <3

*Words are not exact quotes, we were talking via interweb-phones, and my memory isn't good enough to remember EXACT words >>;
But be assured they were something very similar.

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