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6th Dec, 2007

I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping as of late. Not sure why, but even though I'm tired and I lay in bed and sometimes I even do really fall asleep, its never restful.
Sometimes I have bad dreams and wake up in a cold sweat, but I never remember these dreams unfortinately. Though part of me thinks that may be a good thing.
My computer's gone whack for some reason. We think it's the power supply, tonight I'm on my brother's laptop. Kind of him to let me use it, though I think it may have possibly been out of pity. I hope I don't look that bad/obvious though.
Mary and I just recently finished watching 'Hot Fuzz'. Deffinately a movie worth watching, those of you who haven't seen it. Good, dry British humour at it's best, I should say.

Anyways, on the fifteenth, I'll be headed to a party for all those who worked at the Kettle Corn booth, plus friends and family. Should be fun.

I'm starting to worry about my grades again though. I don't feel that I'm doing that well, worse off I don't feel the need to do that well. Sad in a annoying sort of way. And I know there's always the fact that everything matters now, and that apparently the whole world depends on my grades from now on, but... I still don't full the urge, the pull. I want to get out of high school, sure, I want to start my life of course, but who's to say that my life hasn't already started? I have a resume twice as big as some of the teachers at my school, there's always the attraction of going for a GED, and then there's always the option of the Navy. I mean, they pay fully for my college if I join. And I've always considered a career choice...No more pretend being a sailor either at the Ren. Faire. I'd be a real one. Sailing the ramblin' seas, living the damn tough life and making it through. ...
But now I'm just ranting and ramblin'.
Anyways, AWE came out on DVD peeps. Go check out the bloopers. Fucking hilarious!



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9th Dec, 2007 10:30 (UTC)
I deffinetly know it sucks but do your best to keep your grades up anyways. I am not the role model here XD

If you wanna get out of highschool, or even just enjoy your senior year more, passing your classes is key.

I know its an interesting thought but don't be too easilly seuced by the navy.

Take care and sleep well you.
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